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I have been breeding Persians  over 30 years now. All my foundation cats were imported from the greatest American lines. For many years I have been breeding and showing my cats with a lot of pleasure and success. My offspring, added to many breeding programs here in Poland, improved much the standard of Persian cat.
Many of my foundation, now retired cats, still lives with me in Warsaw, as my veterans and friends. They bring a lot of memories to me, creating the history of my 30 years breeding.

I focus on Solid, Bicolour, Van, Harlequin Perians program for something a little different and very special. My goal in breeding is to produce very healthy sound and affectionate show cats with cobby bodies, tiny ears, large deep copper eyes, smooth doming, short tails, massive heads, huge coat factors and a wide open sweet expression. This is my passion which lasts till today, giving me so much satisfaction both in my private life and show halls.

You are warmly welcome to meet my beloved cats and kittens!
Zdzisława Lachowska

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We work exclusively on DNA PKD, FIV & FelV negative cats.

Panda Pers cattery is registered at MTK-ICF (FFF) & CFA

Panda Pers (CFA & ICF reg.)
Zdzisława Lachowska

Warszawa, Polska

tel. +48 502 452 056
+48 (22) 665-64-83

e-mail: perspanda@op.pl
Facebook: perspanda

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